A Book to Help Polar Bears

14-year-old Kylie wrote a book to save hungry polar bears. Want to help?

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Why Buy The Disaster?   

14-year-old Kylie Chang wrote this book to save hungry polar bears because as a kid, she knows what it’s like to eat scraps. Since both her parents work, she only knows how to cook eggs, and between soccer and homework there’s no time to scramble one.  Also, she recently had a traumatic cooking experience in which she accidentally lit her mom’s favorite oven mitt on fire while trying to make rice krispie treats.  

So, she limits her cooking these days to smashing a packet of instant dried ramen noodles on her desk and eating them right out of the packet--sprinkled, of course, with tasty mystery spices (she’d rather not know what).     

Recently, when Kylie saw the video of the hungry polar bear foraging for food in a trash bin, she felt she had met a kindred spirit and wondered what she could do to help.  And that’s when her imagination fired up and she wrote The Disaster.  All profits from this book go to nonprofits that help hungry polar bears and conserve our planet and Emagination Island, the world’s first learning adventure park for kids.


About the Book

When a stack of laundry flattens Kylie's house, the Chang family must learn to survive in the wild...with the help of polar bears, of course!


My journey in making this book. 

Why it matters

As global warming melts polar ice, more and more polar bears are starving. Profits from Kylie's book will help in this disaster. 

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